3 Card Tarot Spread Past Present Future

Card 3 deals with the future. It may come as a upright or reversed position.

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Pay close attention to this card as it may be trying to show you things that you’ve previously overlooked.

3 card tarot spread past present future. In three card tarot spread, we pick one card each for past, present and future. We can do this use this tarot card spread for any particular topic/issues/query. Pull 3 cards and reflect on each of them in the position of past, present and future.

By only using the 3 cards to read the past, present, and future, reading only 1 card per time span keeps things simpler, less information to process. Consisting of only 3 cards, the spread is easy to learn and simple to interpret. It may provide options you hadn’t considered or resources and people you’d overlooked.

The past, present and future reading isn't just about your own past or future, but may represent the past, present or future of any. The direction that things seem to be moving in; What is happening presently that the seeker needs to be aware or an aspect of the present that the reading is addressing.

Quite obviously beyond that, the first 3 cards represent the relevant past, the next 3 cards reflect the current situation, and the last 3 indicate the future as thing stand now. In regards to the situation or themes uncovered in the first 3 cards, this card represents what the seeker should place focus on in order to get the most desired results. This simple three card tarot spread is a really easy way to get a past, present and future perspective on any situation.

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One may use this spread for any subject like career, relationship, finances etc. This is how they are acting and feeling. There are so many 3 card tarot spreads that i find really valuable, but a past, present, future spread is my absolute favorite!

Possible future outcome based on trajectory. It's one of the first spreads newcomers to tarot reading are likely to learn, and can be incredibly useful in uncovering truths and insight. Dealing with betrayal | a tarot spread.

One thing to keep in mind when working with this tarot spread: The first card you draw represents your past, the second card represents your present, and the third card represents your future. Card 2 deals with the present and their current state of mind.

Here you will find tarot spreads to suit many diffrent situations. Clear your mind and hold a specific aspect of this situation in your mind, or repeat a specific question as you shuffle the deck. The classic 3 card tarot reading utilizes the past, present, future tarot spread to provide clarity about a situation and give you a sneak peak of what’s to come.

If you are new to learning how to read tarot, this is one of the easiest beginner spreads to start with. The past, present & future spread is one of the most common and versatile tarot spreads. The past, present and future tarot reading is one of the simplest and most popular tarot spreads in the world.

This spread is usually used to get a quick reading based on past events, the present situation or surroundings, and what can be expected in the future. Card 1 deals with the past and all of the events and emotions that have led up to now, the person where they are now because of how they have lived, and this card will give you an insight into their past. A tarot spread for feeling rejected.

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This very simple spread uses only 3 cards — each representing the past, present and future. This is the current path. The first card signifies the past, the second card signifies the present, and the third card.

The future can always change. The past present and future tarot reading is a simple 3 card tarot spread that let's you easily understand your life from three valuable perspectives. If you're beginning to learn how to read tarot cards, the simple 3 card reading for past present future may be the best.

The three card reading simply shows the past, present and future of the questioner regarding love, money, relationship, career health etc. Past lives | a beginners tarot spread. It is easier said than done, so don’t feel pressured to force a meaning with your specific situation.

The 3rd card (the future): After drawing your cards, revisit your initial question to. Reading the past, present and future tarot spread

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